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Every Comedian’s Uncle

New Short I Made With My Buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy Who KNOWS Comedy

New Short Film I Made

Here’s my new weirdo short film I made with my buddy, Tynan Delong. It’s about crystals, beats, and failed dreams!

Nacho Bitches 3 Year Anniversary!

Thank you to Jeffrey Gurian and The Interrobang for the writeup!


New Surfer Boy Videos!

Please enjoy my new videos with my buddy, Andrew Collin! I made them for my chill ass Instagram.

It’s a Mindy


Harriet at Joe’s Pub for New York Comedy Festival 

(Mindy Tucker)

Clair Went to Atlanta

It’s been awhile, I’ve barely seen Clair. She’s been running around this loveless city like a mad man doing her comedy and drinking in every bar south of 14th street as you guys know she likes to do. I really think a boyfriend would be good for her. Maybe it would make her slow down, have a dinner at home once in awhile, cure her exhaustive and yet simultaneously un-satiated sexual appetite. I think it could make her more pleasant on the whole. I don’t mean to say that a woman isn’t complete without a man, but really one must be mindful that youth is fleeting. Anyway, what do I know, I’m just a serious writer and journalist with my life together (and a conventionally successful boyfriend)  – ha ha ha, is it condescension if it’s true my darlings? I don’t mean to brag but my savings account has become really impressive and I’m doing spin class upwards of four times a week these days (even when I’m tired (!)), Clair could stand to listen to me re: a few things.


Comfy Chicken from Homegrown in ATL

Clair: How’s your book coming along?

Blair: Did you even read my long-form piece about Ted Cruz and comedy in Salon?

Clair: No, why would I read Salon? I don’t cower to that pedantry garbage.

Blair: You’re terribly inconsiderate of people’s feelings. Also, I’m on to your subtweets, don’t think I haven’t been reading them. “So weird when your writer friends get sticks up there asses the second they get a byline”- not cool, Clair. How was Atlanta? Did you find new vegans to shame?

Clair: I didn’t shame any vegans. Atlanta doesn’t have vegans, it’s a hearty and respectable town akin to old shoe leather. The bloody mary’s come in monstrous buckets – like fish tanks of delicious food-laden poison. Bacon, croutons, and a garden of vegetables spilling out the top, audacious but without pretense. You need a fork. They were strong but I got an extra shot of vodka in each to be sure, not trying to get soft. Atlanta’s charming as hell.

Blair: Clair. You need to cut down so you don’t end up like Charlie Sheen, you’re a lady. Your blood pressure – with how much red meat you eat – Spring is almost here you know. I wouldn’t say these things if I didn’t care about you. Thin is still in.

Clair: Boy, did I have some drinks down there. My head swelled up like a basketball by day 2.

Blair: Did you meet any nice Southern men that were kind enough to overlook your truck driver habits and general personality?

Clair: I met this one guy, Ted.

Blair: Ted! That’s great, what does he do?

Clair: Who cares? Did you know meat sweats are real?

Blair: You’re getting older.

Clair: Yeah, come to think of it, I never asked what he did.

Blair: What did you like about him? Was he hot? Over 6 feet tall I hope.

Clair: Hot, yes. Good looking, no. Not over 6 feet tall, but he had je nais se quois up the wazoo if you know what I mean.

Blair: No, I haven’t the faintest idea of what you consider “je nais se quois” to be.

Clair: Not boring. Not a lame, not a vegan. Not a cheesedick. Not super conventionally good looking.

Blair: You genuinely disgust me.

Clair: I have to go watch “Going Clear” now.

Blair: Wait!

Clair: No.