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PRISM HORIZONS: Linda, Get That Dick

In our latest moment from Prism Horizons, Linda has a blockage, while Gail is bat shit crazy.

New Prism Horizons Vid!

Hello and Good Morning to all our fans around the globe,

I am pleased as punch to share with you the latest vid from my groundbreaking n critically-acclaimed web series, Prism Horizons. Pls also feel free to visit our website at Thx v. much for your support.

New Vid I Was In

Please enjoy this new episode of Askholes that I was in. Thx to all my fans n loved onez.

My New Web Series

These crazy (but extremely, extremely professional) b!tches Linda and Gail have saved countless people. Support the launch of their new website and get on board with PRISM HORIZONS today. BE HERE.

New Vid I Made

Please enjoy this new vid I made about one woman’s existential crisis with her Uber rating.


My friend, Molly Austin, is a rap mogul and I’m in her new video, “Ladies”. It’s a parody of the much discussed New York City cat-calling video. Check it out below!!!!


Do Blondes Have More Fun? By UCB1

I was lucky enough to be in this fun video with the UCB1 team! Sue Smith rules. Check it out below!!!