Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News- Coachella 2013

Just exhilarated that someone is making fun of Coachella. It brings me evil joy.

Given that hipsters try so hard to be like super alternative and know everything about music, the JKL show devises a plan to make up bands and ask random people about them on camera. All the people interviewed lie harder than Bill Clinton. Too good. Cuz you know how annoying all the Coach sycophants are. REDEMPTION is ours (team not assholes).

…I sound like a grandma because I retired from Coachella a few years ago and now find everyone abhorrent when they talk about it non-stop like zombie Manson followers, which is mostly every one of my friends. I know all about this Coachella-people-are-annoying phenomenon because I definitely was that annoying person, but without any respectable band knowledge or flower crowns thank God, just too many instagrams and post-Coachella hangover statuses (statii is too nerdy). So what I’m saying is, I’m much better than these people.

WHAT NERDS, RIGHT? Long live, Jimmy!