Clair Wonders if “Bill and Hillary Clint Still Do It”

I’ve been working very hard on my new short story collection so Clair’s usual weird shit that she sends me has actually been a welcome means of distraction. Every day I eat, sleep, and breathe this heroic subversion to the heteronormative narrative in my work and sometimes I guess it’s just nice to have a friend like Clair who enjoys the “lighter” side of life. I mean not everyone can be focused on the big issues! What I find most intriguing as a serious writer and observer of the world – is how she can fall so deeply down a rabbit hole of these seemingly pointless tangents of thought. I love to watch and watch and watch!

She takes on that same intense focus of a child playing by herself for hours with a rudimentary toy – but with hypothetical gossip and inquiries. For example, she showed me this particular conversation she had with her friend, Farah, centered around the question of whether “Bill and Hillary Clint still do it”. I was mesmerized by the way their brains worked on this question and how Clair even came to be wondering about the sex life of the former White House Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and First Lady of the United States. But you know Clair…I do think they are sweet girls though. 

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