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Blair’s Lair: Part 2 “The Delivery Guy”

Every Comedian’s Uncle

New Short I Made With My Buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy Who KNOWS Comedy

Woman Who’s Truly Happy For Her Coworker Who Got Sent Flowers

FYI I Believe In God Again

New Rodney Loves Blair episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited to show you episode 2 of Rodney Loves Blair! If you aren’t familiar with this series, it’s my cartoon about Rodney Dangerfield coming back to haunt me as a pigeon! Please give it a watch.


New Short Film I Made

Here’s my new weirdo short film I made with my buddy, Tynan Delong. It’s about crystals, beats, and failed dreams!

My Set From Last Call With Carson Daly

Interrobang piece!

Thank you so much to The Interrobang and Phil Provencio for this radical piece! Read the whole thing here! Shred.